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2014 Eastern Ukraine Tour Client Comments

Recently, AFA hosted 2 group romance tours to 4 cities in the volatile eastern region of Ukraine. Originating at JFK, where we would all get introduced to one another and depart for Ukraine, the tours would go on to the cities of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaparozhye, Mariupol and Lugansk.

As these are uncharted waters for us - traveling to Ukraine amidst an unpredictable and potentially unsafe political crisis - we wanted to show every amount of appropriate caution and concern for our clients' safety. For weeks beforehand, we received daily briefings from our staff in several cities, and watched the BBC, Reuters and other reliable news outlets. Our CEO, John Adams, personally called all the tour clients prior to departure to check the overall pulse of the group and answer concerns. Ultimately, we decided to follow through and go.

We're glad we did!

We knew that our Ukrainian ladies wanted us to come, wanted a chance to meet our guys, and wanted to attend the socials. These were the first socials we hosted in these cities in a year! We knew our guys were understandably nervous, but still wanted to go. And we knew that both our men and women would have limited chances of meeting someone if we backed out. Our decision proved correct, as men reported meeting hundreds of women and having the time of their life with few problems. Our staff, including AFA Tour Leader and Phoenix Police Officer Joe Gregory, received accolades for getting everyone where they needed to be and for providing an effective, integrity-driven atmosphere for our men and women to meet.

As we always ask for feedback after the fact, we wanted to share some of our clients' comments with you:

"Thank you very much for the wonderful experience on the tour to Mariupol and Lugansk. Despite very concerning external events, I and the other tour members had a great time.

All the tour members I spoke with, were very glad that they took the tour. We tour members were almost unanimously grateful for the many memorable experiences and opportunities to pursue future personal relationships. This very positive experience is very much due to your tour leaders, Joe Gregory, and Anna, the manager of your Kiev office.

It was very clear that Joe and Anna were doing everything possible to maintain safety for the tour members in the face of external events that changed daily. Also, Joe and Anna did everything possible to allow myself and the other tour members to individually meet with as many ladies as possible. The tour members who I spoke with, as well as myself, will be very interested in future tour opportunities with AFA, due to this very positive experience."
Dave , Texas

"Loved the trip I even found my soul-mate and gave her a ring!!!"
Rob, North Dakota

"In Kiev so still trying to figure out which one I like most! Quantity, and quality of ladies was the best yet of all tours I've attended. Quite a few ladies 30+ . I felt like the Star of the TV Show 'The Bachelor!' The staff was awesome!! Joe and Anna, did a great job!"
Randy, Illinois

"This was my second AFA tour.  The first was Dnepropetrovsk in July 2012.   I highly recommend that you keep Lugansk on your tour schedule.  I would suggest maybe twice a year.  I have traveled extensively in the FSU (both Russia and Ukraine) and I have never seen such a high concentration of beautiful women in any one place as Lugansk.   I would also like to say that Joe Gregory did a great job as the tour leader.   I have added him to my list of travel buddies.  I feel quite certain that I will find myself back in Lugansk this summer if the political situation calms down. "
Craig, Texas

As more comments trickle in (guys are still making their way back,) we'll update this page for you! Also: Watch for an upcoming Webcast presentation on the tours!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments: Bud Patterson, Vice President, (800) 576-3367 ext 204.

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