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FAQ's regarding the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act, subtitle D sec. 831-834
(commonly referred to as IMBRA)

Q. What is IMBRA?
A. IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation ACT) is legislation that, theoretically, is supposed to give foreign women more information about US men. It was attached (it failed to pass when it was initially introduced on its own) to the larger Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act. It recently passed and went into effect on or about March 6th, 2006.

Q. How can I obtain the direct contact information of the woman or women I am interested in?
A. We will ask that you fill out a very short criminal and marital background history form (available in your account area when you log in). We will translate and store that form and make it available to any woman who you may be interested in and has an interest in you. Once we do that and the woman signs and acknowledges that she received it and allows us to give her contact information we will be able to facilitate the communication between the two of you as always.

Q. How will IMBRA affect Romance Tours?
A. You will not notice a difference in the way the Romance tours are conducted other than the fact that all tour participants will have to complete the background form. Other than that the tours will run as they always have giving you the opportunity to meet hundreds of beautiful foreign women both individually and during our Socials, and you will be free to exchange contact information with all women during the tour.

Q. What if I use a service that does not comply or a foreign service.
A. IMBRA states that it does not matter where the company was set up, United States, Russia, the moon, it still must comply with IMBRA if it is selling contact information to US residents. The problem will come in when your fiancée applies for her visa. The consular officer must ask her how she met and if she used the services of an International Matchmaker Organization, (the question is now actually on the visa application itself!). If you used an agency that does not comply with IMBRA her fiancé visa can and probably will be denied. Thus, it is very important that you use an agency that is complying with IMBRA

Q. Is there now a limit as to how many Fiancée visas I can process?
A. IMBRA is somewhat vague on that issue, below is an excerpt from the law that addresses the number of fiancée visas one can request:

Subject to subparagraphs (B) and (C), a consular officer may not approve a petition under paragraph (1) unless the officer has verified that--

(i) the petitioner has not, previous to the pending petition, petitioned under paragraph (1) with respect to two or more applying aliens.
(ii) if the petitioner has had such a petition previously approved, 2 years have elapsed since the filing of such previously approved petition.

(B) The Secretary of Homeland Security may, in the Secretary's discretion, waive the limitations in subparagraph (A) if justification exists for such a waiver.

Except in extraordinary circumstances and subject to subparagraph (C), such a waiver shall not be granted if the petitioner has a record of violent criminal offenses against a person or persons.

If you have any further questions concerning IMBRA or anything having to do with International Introductions please contact us at (602) 332-7805

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